Jeffrey A. Goodman  STMT, CBI, Parama BP, CBP

Jeffrey A. Goodman STMT, Par. BP, past CBI

In 2003, Jeffrey transitioned his focus from a successful career as an advertising photographer to helping people achieve their personal growth, wellness & healing goals.

Within the first three months of starting a private practice as a wellness practitioner he quickly established a long waiting list of clients. Jeffrey’s compassionate guidance has helped thousands of people discover their own powerful abilities to achieve greater self-awareness.

Not long into his new career, hundreds of well-seasoned healthcare practitioners (from energy workers, wellness coaches and massage therapists to doctors, chiropractors and acupuncturists) began hearing about Jeffrey’s immediate successes.

He is a Transcendental Meditation Practitioner and ShamanicTouch™ Master Teacher incorporating the natural healing skills of the Native American Shaman.

Jeffrey has formed a way to combine his natural healing abilities as an advanced facilitator of energy medicine with a new modality called BodyTalk. He continues to develop his skills while researching other healing wisdoms and philosophies. Jeffrey maintains a very busy private practice and is often booked 4-5 months out.

His credentials include:

Modules 1-9

PaRama Unit 1&2



Advanced Animal Consciousness

Advanced BodyChemistry


Sacred Geometry


Orthopedicic Evaluation

Lymph Drainage

Total Body

Balancing Cranial Vault

Myofascial Release

Shamanic Touch Master Teacher


Jeff’s work is AMAZING and his BodyTalk Classes are one of a kind. Jeff is an instructor who is not interested in showing you how much he knows. He is interested to have you walk out of the course with: I get it! I can do this – now! A true sign of a gifted teacher. ~ Dr. Marita Küfe Sr. CBI

“Jeff is one of the top 10 BodyTalkers in the world.” ~ Dr. John Veltheim 2006 ISSSEEM Conference.